Stone Dog Islet (Cho Da Islet) has been regarded as a peaceful symbol of tourists' voyages for millions of years. It is one of the beautiful images and profound significance in Halong Bay; simultaneously, it is the impressive attraction alluring numerous tourists.

Halong Bay Stone Dog islet – Symbol of guarantee When you have time to visit Halong Bay, almost the trip will mentioned about the caves, the beaches and the time for kayaking, all most time for the trip is not only for Cho Da islet but you will be easy to find it out in the middle of the bay.

Cho Da islet is about 8 meters high. It is located near Dau Go Cave to the west. It takes 10 minutes by boat from the harbor. It seems so difficult to realize

Cho Da islet when the boat is cruising toward from the harbor to the bay. But when the boat pass the islet, the beautiful picture of the bay is appeared with a dog turn the back to the sea and emerald water. All of them make a harmonious poetic picture of the Nature.

Every day, the dog likes a guardian who take care the life of the bay and keep the peace for the tourists’ journey. Moreover it is also a luckiness of the fishermen before they go far away for fishing.